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March 7 – 31, 2007

Curator: Andrei Erofeev

The exhibit presents the works that had been offered, in 2006, for exposition at various Moscow arts museums, but were declined by their art councils or directors.
In a year, the organizers plan to conduct the same exhibit based on works declined by the museums in 2007. The program “Forbidden Art” is intended to run for several years. Its goal is to monitor and discuss the character and trends of institutional censorship in cultural field.

The exhibit items are screened from the visitors by a false wall. They can be viewed, in a fragmentary fashion, through small peepholes in the wall. The authors’ names and titles of the works are on the labels. We invite the visitors to leave their comments in the guestbook. Their comments will be published at the Internet site www.gif.ru

The exhibit will be held daily from March 8 to March 31, except on Mondays, and will be open for visitors from 11 AM to 7 PM.
Admission is free.

Viewing of the exhibit is not recommended for those under 16.

The exhibit opening will commence on March 7, at 6 PM.


March 7, 6 PM – opening and public discussion:
  • Current social and aesthetic taboos for artists and curators of modern art.;
  • The meaning and motives for breaking social and aesthetic taboos by artists and curators of modern art.;

  • Speakers: Andrei Erofeev, the exhibit curator, Yuriy Samodurov, director of the Sakharov Museum and Public Center, Marat Gelman, Sergei Epikhin, an arts critic, Alexandr Panov, an arts critic, Aleksandr Shaburov, an artist, and other authors of the presented works.

From March 8 to March 20, the exhibit will be expanded with new additions.
The Museum invites curators of the exhibits who, in 2006, were denied permission to exhibit the works they had selected to contact A. Erofeev. The exhibit “Forbidden Art” may be expanded to include these works. Information on these works will be included in the materials of the exhibit “Forbidden Art - 2006”.

March 28, 5 PM. Public discussion «Taboos in the contemporary Russian Art”
The Russian State Center for Contemporary Arts and the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center invites you to a public discussion on «Taboos in the contemporary Russian Art”. The discussion will take place in the exhibition hall where the exhibit “Forbidden Art - 2006” is held.

March 29, 7 PM. The stage performance “byaki” (bad people) by the performance group KALIMBA
Olga Arefieva (the leader of the group KALIMBA) is known to her fans as a singer and songwriter. She has released 11 albums. She will perform with the group “Kovcheg...       >>>>>

Taking pictures in the exhibition hall is prohibited

You can leave your comments as to propriety of censorship exercised in relation to the exhibit items in the guestbook.

Materials in English:

Выставка «Запретное искусство - 2006»

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